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Please read carefully the follow liability waiver, which are in addition to our Standard Terms and Conditions, which apply to all BTT and GO! Tour guests

I understand that cycling is an intense physical activity, and that exerting one self cardiovascularly is accompanied by health risk including death. I am willfully participating in this tour with the full knowledge that I alone am responsible for my well being, and any cost incurred thereof, in the event of accident. I assume all risks associatated with cycling including but not limited to falls, the affects of weather (high humidity and/or heat), traffic and road conditions.

I certify that I do infact, how to ride a bicycle and am capable of maintaining control of myself and my bicycle under normal cycling conditions, including but not limited to traffic and long down hill descents. Having certified thus, I assume all responsibility for any and all first and third party damage that may be caused to me on my bicycle.

Having read this waiver and understanding these facts and in consideration of your permitting me to participate in a Best Tuscan Tours, LLC., GO! Tours bike tour, I, the undersigned, for myself and anyone entitle to act upon my behalf, completely waive and release Best Tuscan Tours, GO! Tours it associates, representatives, agents, employees, and guiding personnel of any and all claims, causes of actions or liabilities that I may now or hereafter have arising or alleged to have arisen out of negligence or carelessness on the part of the persons named on this waiver.

I certify that I am in good health, and free from any type of heart condition or ailment that may be agreed by strenuous activity.

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